Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Movin UP

Oh my it's been a very very long time since I last posted. Just too busy with the girls and their schooling ;-).

I was asked to make a chipboard album with a moving theme in black and white. Since the move is from a house to an apt. I titled the album "Movin UP" ;-).

I really enjoyed working on it has inspired me to get making some more albums to put up on Etsy, once I finish the 50th anniversary album (so very close to being done!)


  1. So pretty and perfectly titled :o)
    Good to hear from you Tammy! I hope all is going well on the home school front!

  2. Love this, and what a perfect title! :) Looking forward to seeing the 50th anniversary album.

  3. Hi Tammy!!!
    How are you and the girls? I haven't seen ( haha ) your work in ages but I knew you would be crafting something.....
    and as usual always beautiful creations.....