Saturday, November 6, 2010

Disney Albums

We had a fabulous vacation in Disney World in September. Just amazing!

A few years ago, I made autograph books for the girls.

They were such a hit with them and the CHARACTERS, that they wanted them again, except bigger, better and done mostly by them. They did such a great job and again they were a hit.

One girl made a layered castle and the other wanted a carriage. DH & I drew up the designs and I cut the alums out of chipboard. These pictures are of the albums AFTER the trip. We were very happy with how well they survived the many days at the park.

All of the characters really took their time going through the albums, asking the girls about them. Minnie and Mickey were POSING with the carriage album!! It was such a thrill!

All of the characters were such a treat to interact with, especially the fairies at Pixie was like being in a movie ourselves.


  1. This album is AWESOME Tammy!!!!!! I can't quit looking at it!! I just absolutely LOVE it!!! I went to Disney with a friend last year on our way to Miami for a cruise, I didn't have my little one with me, but I got pics and autographs and I could totally cut them out of my book and put them in an album like this! So adorable! :-) How have you been? Are you still on ebay? I haven't seen your beautiful work there in a while and I was just wondering! Hope all is well!


  2. How lovely! I'm not surprised they had so much attention, they're just beautiful :)

  3. Wow Tammy, looks like you guys had a blast! The albums are adorable!

  4. Those look AMAZING!! Love the pics with the characters going through them.